It was late in the evening when i arrived at the front door of Goddess Cheyenne as instructed, i knocked. Every time i get near Her i get nervous, but when She opened the door, i suddenly went from nervous to transparent. She was beautiful in every way, even better than the perfect Woman in my dreams. She smiled and i wondered what that meant. She instructed me to enter and i did. The air in Her room felt smooth, soft and cool, and the smell of Goddess Cheyenne was impeccable, She was everywhere. i wanted to breath Her into my lungs forever. The room was dark, except for one area. As i entered the lighted area, i found three pairs of Her black shoes lined up in a single row next to the wall. Like the Goddess they served, they was flawless, stern and obedient. i wondered how such an illusion could exist. They shined with class and style, perfectly shaped with only a few bends across the foot visible. As i focused on them, i could see a few scratches around the heels, then i noticed the sharpness of the edges of the heel taps. i wanted to smell them and rub them against my face. The thought of Goddess Cheyenne walking around in them, Her little perfect feet sweating in them was bliss. i could see Her bare foot walking around getting the bottoms of Her soft feet dirty and then slipping Her shoes on. My eyes watered into joy and every thought i had worshiped Her even though She had actually done nothing yet. i envisioned Her little toes wiggling and pressing down to support Her weight. Yes, crushing everything beneath them, my thoughts shifted. Suddenly i wanted to eat from the bottoms of Her shoes. There was no way i was going to tell Goddess Cheyenne that. Without warning, my nervousness returned belting me in the stomach, and twisting me inside out. i felt wonderful, scarred and over-powered all at the same time. But, something wasn’t right, even though i was standing as free man, i felt bound and restrained. it took me several minutes to realize it was Goddess Cheyenne that was taking over me.

She had not said a word, She just moved without sound all around me adjusting something, but She was taking over my body. Every time She walked close to me i could feel my body submitting to Her, wanting to feel Her pain while witnessing Her take pleasure in having complete control over me. Before arriving i had told myself i was going to resist Her power. My father had always told me “Women Say Yes to men Who say NO.” it seemed doable to me at the time. But Goddess Cheyenne must have seen right through me. She seemed different in some way. She moved as though She was ecologically superior to all Woman and men. She seemed sympathetic to the whole harmony of the universe, yet in complete control of it. i contemplated Her domineering style while soaking up as much of Her beautiful movements in my eyes as possible. But, my sight-seeing was suddenly interrupted. Goddess Cheyenne ordered me to remove my slacks, shirt and T-shirt, and onto the hardwood floor. She was firm and fierce, and even more powerful, i could feel it. As i eased back and onto the cold hardwood floor, i took one last glance at Her black heels. A single thought ran throughout my head-space, “Was She going to kill me with those deadly pumps and classy little girl shoes with fat heels?”

Goddess moved around me, glancing down at me and i felt small. Then She walk around and stepped right up on my chest firmly. instantly, Her heels commanded my attention, it was time to suck it up, because Her heels was going to do anything Goddess Cheyenne wanted them to do. But, even as they crushed the air out of my chest, they looked so darling and sweet. it did not take long for Her heels to require all the man i had in me to come out and endure their punishing blows and twisting as Goddess Cheyenne moved around getting Her feel for my body’s bounce and sturdiness. Looking up at Her i could see She was beginning to own me as She did the heels bound to Her feet. Finally, i was getting to feel the very pain below Her heels, the pain i could see as i watched Her walk among the common people. it was a pain no one could see going on beneath Her beautiful heels when She was just being Herself out in the false world. i was drowning in my own thoughts, my eyes taking in as much information as they could, all while feeling Her perfect pain-driven heels pushing deep into my skin, breaking its seal. Still She simply walked more, even on my chest and then my stomach. it was a sight to see, watching Goddess Cheyenne enjoy trampling me, a man of little means and few dreams. She was enjoying taking all my control and voice away. Her face was deliberate, without expression, angel-like, soft and perfectly sharp-focused. She was simply focused on stomping me into the ground, She wanted to hurt me. As i gasped for one more breath, all’s i could feel was Her quick heels, very sharp and very strong. Their cruelty was unlike their appearance. Every now and then, Goddess would simply stepped away (off) without looking back, i was the floor to Her and nothing more. By now, i had forgotten all about being macho, i was trying to survive. Breathing returned to normal after about 60 seconds, but by then, Goddess Cheyenne had returned and placed another pair of Her shoes on my chest. They were more French-like, with fat heels and an attitude that matched Goddess Cheyenne to a T. She wasted no time twisting and grinding them while slipping them on while on my chest. Pain streaked like lighting to my vocal cords for mercy, but they wanted nothing to do with this, they said nothing, but my face probably said volumes, i’m sure.

Meanwhile, Goddess Cheyenne seemed to have one plan, to punish and crush me. i could see Her twist Her heels so they would cause small cuts in my skin. Then She would turn a little and grind away some more, pressing my blood back where it came from. She was having no mercy on me and had no cares at all. i loved/love Her attitude, Goddess did not speak a word to me, it was as if She was walking on a mound of dirt that She owned. Without any warning, She would suddenly start fast-pace walking all over me, Her heels pounding me into a head space somewhere primitive and still. i don’t know how i caught my breath while Goddess Cheyenne drove Her beautiful muscular legs down time after time onto me with total rapture. All the while Her movements were unbelievably graceful. Her black hair spoke volumes about Her demeanor, Her character and even who She is in the world.

As Goddess Cheyenne sat on a stool near my head, i was able to watch Her from below slowly slip and taunt Her foot (and me) as She prepared to release Her third pair of heels, and Her stressful day out and onto me. i was close enough to Her foot see the little veins running around Her ankles and i chocked on my thoughts of Her Godly feet. i wanted to touch them so bad, just to see if they were real, but i knew better. No one is allowed to touch Goddess Cheyenne unless She gives Her permission to do so. The vision of Her foot above me dangling in the air was almost too much and i worshiped everything about Her. i thought my soul was going to press through my chest and beg for Her servitude. it was the perfect time, however, to delve the realness of Goddess Cheyenne. To search within Her beauty close up to find even one imperfection. There was none! The danger of being that close to the fire of Goddess Cheyenne was not prevalent. it had surrounded me, and without a struggle, i was burned, imprisoning to serve Her will,, Her needs, Her Supreme guidance.

Dear Goddess Cheyenne, Your feet and their aroma, the feel of Your beauty and gracefulness standing on me without any concern for me, was so heavenly. Your skill and ability is sinfully perfect for this submissive, and now i feel enslaved to serve You, even without being chosen. Thank You for granting this simple man-slave one perfect dream during his life. You are proof that there is a God above because for some reason, You have descended from heaven to bless mankind, or for sure You have blessed me. You have quenched my hunger, increased my thirst and terrified me all in one session. There is no other Dom in this world like You. i am a witness to Grander. You can heal a man from the inside out and vise-versa. Thank You Goddess for the pain and punishment.

From the center of my trampled heart, i will stand to honor You in all things possible from this day forward, just commission me Goddess!
Your enslaved servant dan