The session would start out with the Goddess Cheyenne wearing short tight latex shorts and tank top with high heel shoes on.

As i walk by in my short tight speedos, i whistle at Her! The gorgeous Goddess Cheyenne walks over and yells at me about how to treat a Woman. i say something and Goddess Cheyenne starts humiliating me that if i am such a man, why don’t i have a bulge in those tight speedos. Goddess Cheyenne then goes degrading me that i have no balls!

Finally under all the verbal barrage, She dares me to drop my speedos for She can see these big balls of a man! i cower, and She walks over and pulls my speedos down and off. Goddess Cheyenne looks down and starts laughing Her ass off at what She sees!! There are my little balls and uncircumcised cock that is so small that it does not even protrude from my body(birth defect). Goddess Cheyenne then without warning,kicks me in the balls and after a few more kicks/knees to the balls, i fall to the ground.

As i lay on the ground, Goddess Cheyenne spread eagles me and kicks me in the balls until I start crying. Then She says "boys dont cry"! She then takes me to the tub of ice and tells me to sit in it till She deems fit for me to get out of it!! Finally i stand up and Goddess Cheyenne degrades me about how small my balls are and that my penis looks like a woman’s clit! Goddess Cheyenne takes me over to the spreader bar and sits down with Her knees crossed and kicks me in the balls and in the mean time severely humiliates me as to She reaches out and digs into my shaved pubic area to pull out my uncut cock saying

“your not even hung like a man pussy boy!!”

and punishes me until i tell Her that Women are Superior.