In this Holy Sanctuary your only responsibility is to obey, your only duty is to serve.

Due to an ever increasing schedule, My availability is limited. My time is in high demand and my schedule fills quickly. It is best to give 24 hours’ notice to make an appointment; however I can often see slaves and submissives with short notice. Be on your best behavior when you contact me. Not all requests for my attention are granted. To win my good graces, address me always as Goddess or Ma’am.

I am selective with whom I play. I only allow sincere slaves and submissives into My realm. I play for My own pleasure and do not accept all requests for My attention.

Rules when contacting Me!

  • When contacting Me show your utmost respect.
  • Address Me properly. you will refer to Me as GODDESS CHEYENNE or MA’AM.
  • Give Me a concise description of your interest.
  • Do not waste My time asking questions to which the answers lie in this site.

Be aware, there is no sex involved in My sessions.

Before W(w)e meet you must fill in the following form to ensure O(o)ur interests are compatible and to develop mutual trust in the session.